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    An exclusive Club for certified VA officers and advisors.
    Club members assist seniors who have served their country to receive
    the benefits and care they deserve.

The Senior Team's

VAB Club Membership
Benefits And Services

The Senior Team’s marketing platform is an engine programmed to generate business for you 24/7. It presents your business to the senior market by promoting your information, collecting relevant data, and connecting you directly to prospective clients.

Club Members receive referrals based on the requests of the consumer and are offered to you via your email and on your private Club Dashboard. Referrals you accept are provided with the prospects personal profile and requests.

Members have access to the business profiles in the other Club websites in the blockchain, and you can send, receive, and reciprocate client referrals with other professionals and specialists.
The technology is constantly mining and collecting data from the market and makes it available to members in the form of reports and analytics. Information and data that give insights about the market.
Veteran Assistance

Members are properly registered and certified with VA to assist.

Free Consultation

Members agree to offer club referrals an initial consultation free.

Referrals & Proferrals

Membership means receiving prospects from the Senior ecosystem.

Data & Analytics

Collects senior market activity 24/7 and provides related reports.

Unlimited Marketing And Sales Dashboards

The Company has access to all its Sales and Marketing Executive’s Dashboards.

Each Sales & Marketing Executive has an independent Dashboard to manage and control their referrals and sales activities.

The Company has access to review and manage all the data coming into its sales and marketing staffs Dashboards.

The Dashboard enables to manage your profile, track referrals, receive updates and use filters to generate marketing reports & analytics.

The dashboard empowers networking, communicating, receiving and sending referrals from consumers and professionals in the blockchain.

The dashboard offers members to blog, submit articles, read studies, attend forums, and listen to podcasts about the senior market.

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